About Gyankosh

We are committed to provide an accurate, reliable and straight to the point educational resource for our readers.



Gyankosh.net is providing you the complete learning resource which will make you proficient in the tools like Excel, Google Sheets, VBA for Excel, Different Excel Tricks and many more.

The tutorial is totally free of cost for the users.

Gyankosh.net helps the users make a solid foundation with the clarity in the concepts of using different tools rather than just serving the solution so that the users can use the newly learned techniques on their own.

The concepts and solutions are discussed thoroughly with the help of images and animations for easy understanding.

The articles are updated regularly and more valuable content is added.

All the articles contain practical examples, so that the user can try them on their own for better understanding.

The users can always contact us through mail or other options provided like facebook or tweeter.




Currently, Gyankosh.net is providing the users,  a complete resource on Excel , Excel functions and Excel tricks with over 200 articles. The users can start the learning of MS Excel from the very basic and take their skills to the advanced level.

A large number of useful articles for using Google Sheets is provided for the users who want to start learning Google Sheets.

HTML and VBA has a complete basic course which can be followed to make you start working in HTML or VBA.


In the near future, we are going to launch our Youtube channel for the users who want to learn with the help of videos.

The new useful categories for the tutorials will be introduced and useful articles will be added regularly.

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